Is an audiovisual proposal, which aims to give a quiet reflection within the abstraction of natural elements in juxtaposition with the exhibition space. By taking the elements out of context, maximizing them on a neutral background and equipping them with Weightlessness, acquire a potential of divinity, totem or object of cult. They act at the level of visual poems like haikus, poems about small concepts of large emotional dimensions. Poetry conceived as the astonishment and emotion produced by contemplation of nature.

cropped-marcos-carnero-gravitaciones-12.jpgMarcos Carnero - Nido gravitaciones - 7Marcos Carnero - Cabeza gravitaciones - 610.jpgMarcos Carnero - Pluma gravitaciones - 9Marcos Carnero - Nido 2 gravitaciones - 8

Regarding the exhibition level, the intention is to retro project a series of figures that will be rotating in a cohesive and formal composition, which will give a character and rhythm to the piece together, to get the purpose of contemplation and to clothe the visitors. The number of pieces varies according to the space, as well as having sound and even some real pieces conceived as sculptures.