Marcos Carnero, Córdoba 1983.

Marcos Carnero is an artist and producer based in Copenhague & Málaga.

Plastic artist, composer, editor, and producer of audiovisuals. Large experience in the field of the plastic arts and audiovisuals at an international level. Has realized works for professionals in the field of art, exhibitions and installations.

Furthermore he has collaborated in the investigation and development of new technologies and concepts around the spatial and contemporary interpretation.

B-STRACT. Instalación app. EFTI. Centro Internacional de Fotografía y Cine. Madrid.

( F_LAB ) Laboratory Forces . Museo Nacional de Ciencia y Tecnología de Alcaobendas (Madrid). Ensemble

DRAMA ! Paths between music, image, word and movement. Madrid-Barcelona-Zaragoza.

Trans Europe Slow. Connecting Cities. Medialab prado. Madrid.

(The Radioactive Thing)

Yellow Oscar. Best short film documentary in Uranium Film Festival 2015. Berlín.

Currently working as a technical director of audiovisuals (composition, editing and production) in projects like a collective exhibition of Spanish contemporary photography Fundación Canal – Canal de Isabel II, CAF  Centro Andaluz Fotografía – Exhibition about contemporary photography.  . Seminario de Fotografía y Periodismo| Albarracín with

In early September has an audiovisual exhibition  focused on mysticism, poetry, and nature at Literaturhaus in Copenhague, Denmark.          And a workshop in Enxebre Art Residency (Lugo) Spain.

Marcos Carnero holds a master’s degree in Arts and Project Management, Blank Paper Photography School, Madrid and a Superior technician in plastic arts and design in photography, Groc – Escola d’arts plàstiques i disseny, Barcelona.